New York dominates Intel Science Talent Search — again

Thursday, January 15th, 2009 at 11:25 am by

Yesterday, the Intel Corporation announced the 300 semi-finalists in its nationwide Science Talent Search.  New York again dominated the competition, producing 114 winners, more than four times as many as the next closest state (California with 25).  My count is that over 100 of New York’s semi-finalists attend public schools.

Newsday notes that Long Island schools alone account for 59 on New York’s semi-finalists, with 56 attending public schools.

The Council has repeatedly noted that New York is home to some of the nation’s strongest public schools.  Our perennial domination of the Intel Science Talent Search is one piece of evidence.  Our public schools accounted for more than a third of the national semi-finalists last year as well.  Some states surpass us in results on national standardized tests, but it appears that few match us in providing exceptional learning opportunities for public school students.

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