NYSUT-only retirement incentive upheld by court

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 10:44 am by

Last Friday (July23), the constitutionality of the NYSUT-only “55-25″ retirement incentive was upheld in State Supreme Court.

The group which brought the suit (the Empire State Supervisors and Administrators Association) can appeal the decision.  For reasons which have always eluded me, “Supreme” Court is the lowest of the three tiers in the state court system.

The decision is available here.

The Teachers Retirement System says this about the challenge:

“As of this writing it is not known whether this decision will be appealed. The payment of the unreduced retirement benefit to eligible members who retired pursuant to Chapter 45 will be subject to the final outcome of any appellate process. Please watch the NYSTRS Web site for news of any further developments. Members considering retirement under Chapter 45 may wish to consult with their collective bargaining representative and/or attorney.”

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