Paterson vetoes School Aid restoration, promises to veto all legislative spending

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 at 1:56 pm by

Governor Paterson wasted little time last night in following through on a threat to veto spending added by the Legislature.  About two hours after the Senate gave final passage to the education budget bills, the Governor vetoed the Legislature’s restoration of School Aid funding.

He has threatened to veto all additional spending.

Here is the Albany Times-Union’s report on the Governor’s action.

The Governor claims the Legislature’s budget is not balanced and objects to its failure to adopt a contingency plan to accommodate a potential loss of $1 billion in federal Medicaid funding.

Appropriations originally proposed by the Governor automatically became law upon passage by both houses.  With the approval yesterday and last week of the major appropriation bills covering all portions of state spending, there is no longer a need for the Legislature to pass weekly emergency spending bills to avoid a shutdown of state government.

It is unclear what happens next.  While the Assembly Democrats, holding 107 out of 150 seats, could conceivably over-ride vetoes, that outcome seems improbable in the narrowly divided State Senate.

Notwithstanding the turmoil over restorations and vetoes, it seems that the state could now calculate and pay School Aid for the 2010-11 school year even if the Governor’s veto stands and no further legislation is agreed upon.

Given the formulas and appropriations now in law, districts would receive aid for 2010-11 at about the levels proposed by the Governor back in January, with some adjustments due to the use of later data.

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