Racing to the Top: Time Lines

Friday, October 22nd, 2010 at 3:40 pm by

Here is an interesting and/or intimidating item — a set of detailed time lines for projects to be undertaken by the State Education Department and various partners (including school districts) under the state’s Race to the Top grant.

The time lines are organized around the four RTTT priority areas:

  • Standards and Assessments;
  • Data Systems;
  • Great Teachers and Leaders; and
  • Turning Around Low Performing Schools.

The Department anticipates issuing more than a dozen RFPs (requests for proposals) in just the next year for RTTT-related work.

The time lines were part of an update to the Board of Regents earlier this week.  Here is the accompanying prose summary given to the Regents.

Here is my compilation of some of the items of greatest concern to school district leaders:

Regents adopt additional state content to supplement Common Core (national) standards January 2011
“Network Teams” provide professional development on new ELA and Math standards Summer 2011
Statewide curriculum models and formative assessments for ELA and Math available for implementation September 2012
Statewide curriculum models and formative assessments for Science, Social Studies and Economics, and the Arts available for implementation September 2013
Implement new summative state assessments (grades 3 through 11) 2014-15 school year
Education “Data Portal” rolled out for all users April 2012
Statewide “rollout” of comprehensive instructional reporting system for all users October 2012
Regents approve regulations for student growth and other criteria for teacher/principal performance evaluations May 2011
Begin phase-in of new performance evaluations for teachers and principals (as collective bargaining agreements expire) July 2011
Regents adopt initial student growth model for evaluating educator effectiveness July 2011
Implementation of “turn-around” models in first cohort of “consistently lowest performing schools” September 2010

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