We’re Number 1. Again. Why?

Thursday, July 27th, 2017 at 7:27 pm by

Yesterday, the Empire Center for Public Policy issued a paper on “NY’s Stratospheric School Spending.”

Here is a piece we published in December 2015 exploring why New York’s per pupil education spending ranks first in the nation.

Among the factors we cite are:

• New York is high cost in many things, not just education, and is part of a high cost region.

• New Yorkers appear to value public services, or at least are accustomed to a high level of services.

• New York is also home to some public schools which provide phenomenal opportunities for students.

• As a whole, the state makes a stronger effort to fund pension obligations than most other states.

• Finally, New York has rules — mandates — which no other state has and those help drive up costs. As we conclude,

Keeping all current school mandates in place and complaining about school costs is like tying a runner’s shoes together, then complaining he or she doesn’t run fast enough

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